Doraku Izakaya and Sushi

Doraku is a restaurant, bar and gathering place that celebrates Japanese food, drink, and hospitality. The experience is modeled after an Izakaya, or Japanese gastropub and features food meant to be shared and experienced in the company of others. The decor embraces Japanese works of art, styles and culture.  It’s a place to have fun with friends or to unwind after a long day at work.

With an innovative approach that blends respect for the past with a celebration of the present, the menu is grounded in the use of traditional ingredients and flavors. Our master chefs draw out the flavors of each ingredient using sauces and techniques that have been passed down through the generations. Doraku has an uncompromising standard of excellence such as the careful selection of fish for our sushi from local and global markets, where it is immediately packed in ice and sent daily to our restaurants.

The center of the Izakaya experience is sake. We select new varietals during our annual trips to Japan. Doraku has one of the most extensive collections of sake in the United States.

From an early lunch to late at night it is the commitment to quality and attention to detail that makes the Doraku experience live up to its name: “the road to happiness.”


The Shops at Buckhead,

Atlanta, GA
Tel: 404-842-0005

Mary Brickell Village

Miami, FL
Tel: 305-373-4633

Pacifica Honolulu

Kaka’ako, HI
Tel: 808-591-0101

Lincoln Road Promenade

Miami Beach, FL
Tel: 305-695-8383

Royal Hawaiian Center

Waikiki, HI
Tel: 808-922-3323