Our Mission

Our mission at Qing Mu is to bring Chinese food back to its’ traditional roots and excite the American palate with only the healthiest & freshest ingredients.

Inspired by China’s countryside streets, Qing Mu’s atmosphere is designed to enhance our guests’ senses and be focused on the quality of our product.

Our look and style is of a traditional Chinese noodle shop, in a very simple, yet elegant fashion. A look and feel right out of China. Our emphasis is placed on our freshly in-house made noodles, and our selection of fresh and authentic vegetables.

Our guests can select all of their ingredients and create their fresh noodle soup "Your Way", or choose to have it wok tossed "Our Way", and have a variety of other fresh, traditional, yet healthy, organic-style menu options. Then, the guest is able to select from an array of add-ons, including hormone-free, free-range organic meats and chicken, organic tofu, seafood, and specialty items such as ox-tail and quail egg.

We serve Asian beer on tap, our exclusive sake, and Asian tea to complete your customer experience, which may be dine-in or take-out for lunch, dinner, or as a late night meal. 

So no matter if you choose "Your Way" or "Our Way", at Qing Mu, you are guaranteed a fresh, healthy home-cooked style meal in an authentic environment served with warm hospitality!

“Your Way, or Our Way?”

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We are mindful to allow our customers to have total control of their meal from start to finish, while enjoying an authentic Asian dining experience. Do not hesitate to ask our staff for help. Please voice your comments to us; we are here to serve you!

Our Menu

Noodles are an essential ingredient and staple in Chinese cuisine. Not just a Chinese invention - they’re the original fast food... Noodles are such an important part of everyday life that legend has wound its way around them. To cut a cooked noodle is considered unlucky, as long noodles represent long life and respect for the elderly.





The A-Club is our reward-point system. It is free and easy to join. Just fill out the application form and return it to any participating restaurant manager. A member card will be issued to you. A-Club points will be awarded each time you make a purchase at participating restaurants. These points can be used to receive receive dining credits at Doraku, Aoki Teppanyaki, Bluetree and Qing Mu Noodle Co.